The B&B has three spacious bedrooms - 1 single and 2 double or triple rooms with bathroom and TV - bright and welcoming, suitable even for families with children.

The Priest’s room

The Priest's room is the room of the house that best represents it: guests can enjoy the view of San Giuseppe's church and the melodious sounds of the bell from a large terrace, intimacy of a private bathroom and a cozy bed in wood.

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perpetuaQuiet and discreet, very romantic with its color orange bed, it has a balcony overlooking the red roofs of the historic center.

Furnished in a refined way with a writing table and a large wardrobe in wood.

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sagrestanoIt's the smallest and the welcoming room of b&b. The bed is lying on a mezzanine floor in wood. The furniture and furnishing complements are in chestnut hue. The ceiling is in beams of wood that give warmth to the whole environment. The location is to the west and is well illuminated by sunlight.

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